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Welcome to Peacock, the next thing in networking in Firestone! Of course, that comes with rules and guidelines, so I've made some here.   RULES

 No bullying, racism, discrimination, name-calling, or anything of the sort. THAT'S NOT OKAY. 

Harassing anybody is an automatic BAN. So, DON'T. Spamming anything, whether it's a link, other sites, pictures, messages, I DON'T CARE, and neither will the bots. That. Isn't. Allowed.

 RESPECT IS A MUST. Disrespecting anyone, higher or lower in rank, is a ban. Being rude is going to be a temp ban. 

 @ing like a madman is not OK 

 Admins, moderators, higher-ups, POWER ABUSE IS GOING TO BE A BAN and an account deletion. Deleting random people's accounts, maliciously trolling, and such will get you demoted to the lowest rank. 


 I think this is OBVIOUS, but, NO NSFW ANYWHERE! No extreme or offensive swearing. Think of the children! The same goes for admins and moderators.

 Hacking is ONE BIG NO NO.  

 False reporting people is harassment. 

 Keep your user to your ROBLOX username. If you have a callsign, business, or rank, from the Firestone Discord, you can remove it if you so choose. Adding ranks you DON'T have has a ZERO tolerance policy. The same policy applies to impersonation. 

That's it y'all! See you! 

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